Urban Environment Development

We can see that in just a matter of a few years, the cities in our country have reached heights of development. The buildings are getting taller, the roads are getting wider and the houses are getting bigger. But in all of this upliftment, how many of you notice how much the air is getting […]

Rural Environment Development

Today, cities are getting bigger and villages, smaller. We need to understand that how much ever metropolitan we become, the true growth and development of our country will happen only when these villages and rural areas are developed. Have you ever thought about how people must be tackling water shortages, hygiene treatment, or woman empowerment […]

Higher Education Project

You may be having a question about what happens after the basic schooling of the child? Well, we have it planned out which comes under our Sound of Earth Foundation ‘Higher Education Project’. Once the child completes schooling, we prepare career guidance for them so that they can open up to newer opportunities. Each student […]


The pandemic in India caused around 247 million children to drop out of school. With every child dropping out of school, there is a lost cause for the future of our country. These are the pillars that are going to take our country ahead. It is our responsibility to nurture them, grow them and take […]